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GMerge - Press - Send mass emails using multiple Gmail accounts.


New Web Based Software Enables Users to Send Mass Email using Multiple Gmail Accounts.

GMerge allows users to import multiple lists and easily remove duplicates and previously unsubscribed contacts

TAMPA, Fla. – October 12, 2022 – Software Design Team, Inc. announces the launch of GMerge, a new email tool that enables Gmail and Google Workspace users to send personalized email using multiple Gmail addresses. GMerge is suited to clubs, groups, entrepreneurs and businesses that maintain one or multiple lists and have the requirement to send mass email from multiple lists.

Robert Ward, the founder of GMerge, said "the application was created to help his company, which has developed several software applications over the years, with its own email marketing activities."

GMerge users can send an email campaign from multiple Gmail or Google Workspace accounts to multiple lists. When importing a list, GMerge users can include or exclude email addresses using the inbuilt filter options allowing them to target their message with higher accuracy.

Ward said "when sending email using multiple lists it’s important to stay CAN-SPAM compliant. GMerge will not import an email address from a list if the user has previously unsubscribed."

In addition, with GMerge, subject lines can be rotated and personalized to add variety and so that all emails don’t appear to be the same. GMerge also notifies users if an email’s text includes potential spam triggers.

Another function of GMerge is a scheduler that allows users to select the hours and days of the week to send an email campaign and to schedule how many emails to send per hour. An inbuilt scheduler sets delays between outgoing emails, making them appear more like transactional emails and less like bulk mail.

Proxy IPs provided by GMerge vary the IP addresses Google reads, and by using different IP addresses, business accounts connected to Google look more organic and have better deliverability.

To avoid having emails get caught in spam filters, Ward recommends businesses avoid using links in the first email they send out with GMerge. He also suggested avoiding emails that appear “salesy.” Always offer value and never try to sell from an email. Use email to engage and educate readers, he said.

Because GMerge is web-based, users can access it from any browser and are not forced to use Google Chrome.

GMerge also offers an affiliate program.

For more information about GMerge, visit The site also has a video demonstration of how GMerge works.