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GMerge - FAQs - Send mass emails using multiple Gmail accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how many emails I can send from each Gmail Account?

Google allow you to send 500 emails per day with a Free Gmail accounts and 2,000 emails per day using a Google Workspace Accounts. For optimum deliverabilty it is recomended you send send less emails maybe 100-150 from a free Gmail account and around 300-400 emails from a Google Workspace account.

Why does GMerge use Proxy IPs?

First, the Proxy IP address is not used to send emails, your email is sent via Google and using Googles IP addresses. The Proxy IP provided by GMerge is used to vary the IP address Google reads. Using different IP addresses to connect your accounts to Google looks more organic and helps for better deliverability. It also enables you to send thousands of emails daily by using multiple Gmail accounts. We recommend using one Proxy IP with no more than five Gmail addresses.

Will Google delete or block my Gmail accounts?

Google allow you to send emails using their SMTP service. If you follow their guidelines and send low volumes per email account you will not run into any issues. Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

  • Warm-up your accounts properly, by this we mean do not open a brand new Gmail account and scheduled to send the maximum number of emails you can on the first day.
  • Start slowly and increase your numbers each day.
  • Personalize and rotate your subject lines so that all your outgoing emails don't look to be the same.
  • Take note and change your text if GMerge warns you of potential spam triggers.
  • Make use of the Email Validation service and validate your emails, this will enure you maintain a high sending reputation.
  • Use the inbuilt scheduler that will set delays between outgoing emails making them appear more like transactional emails and less like bulk email.
  • Respect Google's daily sending limits.

Will my emails land in the recipients spam folder?

Google offers exceptional email deliverability and your emails will get delivered to the recipients inbox if you follow these basic rules:

  • If your email sounds like a sales pitch it will appear spammy. Always offer value and never try to sell direct from an email. Use the email to engage and educate your readers.
  • Avoid using links in the first email.
  • HTML triggers spam filters. Usse plain text to get the best results.