Get Private Training and Learn How to Get More Clients by Sending Cold Outreach Email.

Includes 12 Months Use of GMerge Email Marketing Software.

Highly Effective

Thousands of major B2B company use cold outreach email. Some people may think cold email is spam because the majority of the cold emails they receive are of low quality with little-to-no targeting. Creating an effective cold outreach email campaign is all about targeting relevant prospects and providing them with value. That may be solving a problem, providing a more cost effective solution, or introducing a product or service that could help. Businesses that send cold outreach email effectively will consistently get meetings and clients without the high costs of paid advertising. Cold outreach email executed correctly is highly effective.

Try the Calculator below!

In order to be successful, your emails need to be delivered and opened. And the easiest way to achieve this is by using multiple email addresses. Cold outreach email works best with SaaS or high ticket products and in the B2B marketing space. Try the calculator opposite, enter the average price of your product or service and then enter your revenue goal. The calculator will give you a fairly accurate number of email accounts required and the monthly cost to fulfill the service.


Your cold email success depends on a number of factors that are all within your control!

  • Set up a dedicated cold email domain and email address configured correctly. We do this together, via Google Meet.
  • Make your new domain and email address "email ready" this is an essential step. We do this together, via Google Meet.
  • Search your ideal prospects? Where do you find them and how do you get their contact info? We do this together, via Google Meet.
  • Personalize the first line of each email using the virtual assistant tool within GMerge. We do this together, via Google Meet.
  • Craft the perfect email that's virtually guaranteed to get a positive response. We do this together, via Google Meet.
  • Plus so much more. When you succeed,so do we!

My name's Robert Ward and I'm the founder of GMerge. I look forward to working with you so you can succeed at sending cold outreach emails to get more clients. You'll learn the techniques and best practices that will get you results. Together we will build and execute your first campaign. We will schedule a series of short Zoom meetings which ultimately will save you hours of time and get you up to speed quickly regarding all the best practices to maximize your results. I will guide you through the steps necessary from purchasing your new domain, sourcing your ideal prospects, creating and scheduling your email sequence and more.



Why is the founder of GMerge offering personal consulting?

After selling my software business, I realized that I'm not ready to retire just yet. I have a lot of experience and knowledge that can help other people. I've always been involved in direct marketing and have developed my own custom software specifically for sending targeted cold outreach email. This combination of software and my skills will allow you to accelerate your marketing while staying on budget.

What can I expect if I sign up for your service?

You will get intensive training via Zoom, I'll work with you to ensure you set up the perfect campaign, avoid costly mistakes and master the techniques thousands of major corporations already know. By the end of the training you will have all the skills you need to succeed with your cold email marketing. Once you master the techniques I share with you, you'll be able to promote and sell any product or service and achieve a consistent and predictable outcome. You will also get direct access to me via my private SKYPE account for ongoing assistance.

How do you deliver the training?

The training will be delivered over Zoom. You will be able to schedule private hour-long sessions for you and your team members at a time to suit. You will also get instant access to me via my private Skype channel.

Sounds good, but how much does all this cost?

For a limited time only you can get the full training for just $1,297 which will also inculde 12 months use of GMerge. So what’s the catch? My time is finite so I can only share that time with a limited number of people. If this looks interesting, and to ensure you get this service directly from me, let’s talk. Schedule your meeting with me today to find out more.

I'm interested, now what?

Simply schedule a meeting with me. You can use the button below to go straight to my calendar. The initial meeting will last around 30 minutes, during which I shall demonstrate GMerge marketing software and answer any questions you may have.