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GMerge - Mail merge and send mass emails from unlimited Gmail accounts.

Gmail is great for sending a handful of cold emails, but it’s not designed for sending mass personalized emails and follow ups.

GMerge transforms Gmail into a scalable email marketing application.

Add unlimited Gmail accounts to GMerge and use them in rotation to send personalized, individual emails to thousands of contacts. They are sent using the in-built scheduler designed to get your emails opened.

GMerge, a better way to send mass personalized Gmail

Add Gmail Accounts

Add unlimited Gmail & Google Workspace accounts. Set daily sending limits to comply with Gmail's terms of use. Once reached, the account will stop sending until the next day.

Add Unlimited Gmail Accounts

Using unlimited Gmail and Google Workspace accounts allows you to send emails at scale.

Import Lists

Import multiple lists, automatically remove duplicates and previously unsubscribed contacts. Filter options include filtering out role based emails, free email accounts and selected domain extensions.

Unlimited Lists

Depending on your Plan you'll be allocated a set number of Contacts you can import at any one time.

Send Emails

Select the sending Gmail account and the lists to send to. Write your email, personalize the email and add multiple subject lines. The subject lines are rotated randomly to give you better deliverabilty.

Unlimited Campaigns

When saving the email you have written, GMerge checks it for any potential Spam Triggers and will alert you so you can make edits.

Gmail Accounts

Send email from unlimited Gmail accounts, increasing your deliverability.

Web Based

Instant access from anywhere and from any browser. This is not a Chrome extension.

Proxy Accounts

Each account is allocated at least one or more dedicated private proxy account.


Import multiple Lists with custom fields to mail merge.

Filter Unwanted Email Types

Remove duplicates, include or exclude certain domain extensions, free emails and role based emails.

Multiple Subject Lines

Rotate and personalize multiple subject lines to vary content and maximize delivery.

Spam Triggers

GMerge highlights potential spam triggers in your outgoing email messages so you can make edits before sending.

Flexible Scheduler

Choose the hours of operation, days of the week and the number of emails to send per hour.

Email Validation

Add third party email validation tools to protect your email sending reputation.